“Nothing succeeds like success”

About Us

The journey has been fascinating ! Hailing from a small village in India, the man at the helm is Chef M.S. Chhikara (Bobby) and his son Mac Chhikara. From the celebrated Jackson Diner to the Maharaja of Indian restaurants Diwan Port Washington to the popular family style Diwan Hicksville, the Chhikaras have perfected the art and science of Indian cooking.


Highest quality meals

Our Food

We trust that our food is ought to satisfy the soul as well as the eyes.


Best dishes for you

While we stay true to the traditional recipes and the relaxed atmosphere, our restaurants also strive to constantly innovate and add newer twists to our existing dishes.

We do it well!

Diwan's loyal customers have come to expect the best from our chefs… and we aim to please. Settle back and enjoy a gastronomical delight. Our service staff is both approachable and unobtrusive. Whether you dine in or take out, you can rest assured, you are receiving the very best.