About Us

The journey has been fascinating ! Hailing from a small village in India, the man at the helm is Chef M.S. Chhikara (Bobby) and his son Mac Chhikara. From the celebrated Jackson Diner to the Maharaja of Indian restaurants Diwan Port Washington to the popular family style Diwan Hicksville, the Chhikaras have perfected the art and science of Indian cooking.
Touted by the New York Times as “the man to watch” M.S. has been the forefront of mainstreaming Indian Food. The shared fundamental philosophy is driven by a passion to deliver authentic, flavorful foods, skillfully prepared, culminating in a multi-sensory delight.

Our Food

Diwans' menu offer traditional classic Mughlai cuisine with locally grown products and imported spices. Our Masalas, Makhanis, Kormas and Vindaloos all incorporate fundamental spices of Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic and Onions. Chhikaras can marry the spices & herbs to create flavors both bold and subtle and produce complex marinades resulting in aromatic textures and consistencies.